Mold Removal

Dry ice blasting removes 99% of mold on contact.

Mold thrives on moisture which is why conventional mold removal methods, which usually use water and chemicals, are only a temporary fix and often increase the problem down the road. Instead, the Morris Painting and Dry Ice Blasting crew opts to use more effective dry ice blasting to kill and remove 99% of mold on contact. In addition to isolating the work area, we keep you safe by using a negative air pressure ventilation filter system to keep all mold contaminates contained.

Removing mold from wood is particularly difficult because even when the surface looks clean, there can be hidden mold and/or mold spores. Our dry ice blasting method will penetrate into corners and other tough-to-reach places reducing remediation time as much as 60%. Dry ice blasting is the only way to ensure that mold spores are removed from wood to ensure that the mold does not return.

Mold Remediation Capped Houses

Benefits of dry ice blasting for mold removal:

  • Reduce cleaning time
  • Reduce labor requirements
  • No secondary waste
  • Chemical free process
  • 99% mold sport removal on wood (when IAQA standards are followed)
  • Environmentally responsible

Surface and area preparation

To remove all mold, all surfaces areĀ isolated and covered. In addition, a negative air pressure ventilation filter system is operated to contain all contaminates.


A. Non-effected surface coverage

B. Removal of all ceiling/wall coverings to uncover contaminates

C. Negative air pressure filter system elements any airborne contaminates

D. Flooring and other surfaces protected

Before and After Photos

Morris Painting - Mold Remediation before photo
Morris Painting - Mold Remediation after photo

Mold Remediation Video